Inspiring and exclusive designs for doors, gates and railings

Velcome to our homepage for PIT GATES.

We offer nine different wrought iron products. We cater both to those who have a taste for the classical, as well as to those who prefer a simpler design.

Whether you’re looking for a door, gate or railings, we can offer you a design to match your garden, residence or driveway. They’re ornamented, look great and up the style value of your property. Equally importantly, they keep undesirables out.

Our gates are available with single or double doors. Our fences, gates and doors come in standard sizes. But if you’ve special needs we can customize your product to suit them – including for your terrace or balcony.

Get a non-binding quote for a solution to your fencing or gating needs. Doors and gates can be fitted directly to the existing brickwork or to purpose-made gateposts and stone pillars.

Visit to find out more.

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